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Carenado C208B HD


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Out of the VR Lab: Carenado C208B HD

This update features a fully working Autopilot for VR touch controllers, working yoke, and many other custom hand-tuned manipulators optimized to work with VR touch controllers.  Levers, three-way switches, and knobs have all been hand tuned.  I worked very hard to make things just act and "feel" as right as they can.

Manipulators that have been tweaked to work in VR are:

-All Autopilot buttons working
-Condition Lever
-Radar Altitude knob
-Trim wheels and knobs
-Arm Rest
-Fuel Selector knobs
-Lighting and Temperature knobs
-CRS 1 OBS dial
-HDG dial
-CRS 2 OBS dial
-Decision Height knob
baro pressure knobs
-Altitude Selector knob
-Parking Brake orientation corrected
-Weather Radar Page knob
-Instrument brightness knobs
-VR Yoke added and tuned

New in V101:

-Thrust reverse fixed.  Now when you go into the reverse position you'll feel a haptic vibration, and the reverse thrust will not engage unless you "lift" the handle away from the throttle lever.  Act like you're pulling the handle off of the arm.  This simulates unlocking the latch and allowing throttle arm to go into reverse position.  If you go into reverse position without lifting, you'll feel a constant "ticking" vibration until you "lift".

New in V102:

-Teleport Hotspots added.  Copilot, the first-row seat behind Pilot, 3rd-row seat behind Copilot, Rear seat behind Pilot, Right side cargo bay facing right rear cargo door, Left side cargo bay facing left rear cargo door

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I have installed it on the 1.1 version and the throttle quadrant is all backwards with movement. i.e if you push the throttle forward, then it goes backwards. To make the Throttle go forward you actually make a downward movement which is counter intuitive.  this problem continues for the rest of the the throttle quadrant including flaps etc.

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Yeah, same for me, also now with this version, the vrconfig by simVRlabs doesn't work on it so you have to revert back to the old file.  How come VR lab can get it spot on but Carenado aren't even close.  I find it hard to believe they even tried it before release. 

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