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Jetways and Templates

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I was 'playing' around with SAM using CYYT as my test field. Very first time I started it all was great, easy. Then I restarted XP and:

- I had templates then they were gone. The option to choose a template is there but when I click on it it shows No Templates Defined. I tired to re-install SAM to give it a fresh start still no templates. How would I get them back?
- There are two jetways it seems but scenery has just one. Where is the other one; how do I delete it?

EDIT: I was able to get the templates back; phantom jetway is gone, but not before reinstalling the scenery and the plugin together. 

Thnx for the great plugin! Looking forward to using it a LOT 🙂








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The templates are stored in the SAM.xml file in the SAM Library or if you create your own template in the selected scenery. 

The phantom Jetway issue occurs when you delete an object in WED which has been configured before. SAM won't delete it for you in the config you have to do it manually in the edit Jetways menu. So you better place all objects first before starting to configure them in SAM. 

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