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Add aircraft profile to SAM GS

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I don't want different setup for the same aircraft. I would like to add new aircrafts with their own profile. I already tried and add a new xml but still saying there is no setup for that aircraft. 

I guess the second line of the xml describes which aircraft belongs to the xml. "author" and "description" is clear. Where can I find the "acf id" and the "name"?

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I'd like an answer for this as well, as I was trying to add a GS config for an aircraft not on the compatibility list. Where does the data go when you hit "Save Configuration" for things like door location, fuel tanks, and ground vehicle configs. I'm not finding anything new under plugins/SAM/aircraft.

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I'll preface that I'm running on a Mac, so maybe there's a bug, but I tried creating a new config, and took screenshots of all the coordinates. It did not save to a new "aircraft.xml" file under the main SAM directory. I had one previously that just had the aircraft type and door config done (which didn't load in sim), so I took that file, using the data from the screenshots, and fleshed this file out. @Marten@Stairport, can you look at this and see what I'm missing? It's for the AD Simulations CRJ-900. Unfortunately, I have to copy and paste the text from the file, but the file name and the acf id do match. If I can figure out how to customize Ground Services for a few aircraft, I'll be a pretty happy camper! 👍

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<acf id="CRJ_900" name="crj-900.acf" author="Andrzej Borysewicz Dimitris Koronakis Kostas Koronakis" description="Bombardier CL-600-2D24">


        <passenger supported="true" max="76" unit_weight_kgs="80" load_speed_per_min="1428" unload_speed_per_min="1285" vehicle_dispatch_delay_sec="2">


                <stair dispatch_delay="1" vehicle_type="boardingRamp" spawn_pos_rel_x="-15.0" spawn_pos_rel_y="-13.45" spawn_pos_rel_psi="-90" dock_pos_rel_x="-4" dock_pos_rel_y="-13.43" dock_pos_rel_psi="-90" precise_docking="true" use_manual_routing="false" open_acf_door_before_docking="false" use_aircraft_door="true" aircraft_door="LF1">

                    <manual_dock_in_points />

                    <manual_return_points />


                        <animation label="deployed" idle_value="0" active_value="1" />

                        <animation label="height" idle_value="2.0" active_value="1.8" />




            <baggage supported="true" unit_weight_kgs="35" load_speed_per_min="650" unload_speed_per_min="590">


                    <loader dispatch_delay="0" vehicle_type="baggageLoader" spawn_pos_rel_x="-15" spawn_pos_rel_y="40" spawn_pos_rel_psi="0" dock_pos_rel_x="-3.4" dock_pos_rel_y="7.8" dock_pos_rel_psi="-90" precise_docking="true" use_manual_routing="false" open_acf_door_before_docking="false" use_aircraft_door="true" aircraft_door="C3">

                        <manual_dock_in_points />

                        <manual_return_points />


                            <animation label="height" idle_value="0" active_value="2.282" />


                        <cart dispatch_delay="20" vehicle_type="tug" spawn_pos_rel_x="-5.0" spawn_pos_rel_y="40.0" spawn_pos_rel_psi="0" dock_pos_rel_x="-14.0" dock_pos_rel_y="9.0" dock_pos_rel_psi="130" precise_docking="false" use_manual_routing="true" open_acf_door_before_docking="false" use_aircraft_door="false" acf_dataref_open_name="" acf_dataref_open_type="dataRef" acf_dataref_close_name_unique="false" acf_dataref_open_value="1" acf_dataref_closed_value="0" acf_dataref_anim_delay_seconds="5" trailer_count="2" trailer_type="baggageCart">


                                <point pos_rel_x="-5.0" pos_rel_y="30.0" pos_rel_psi="0" />

                                <point pos_rel_x="-10.0" pos_rel_y="17.0" pos_rel_psi="0" />



                                <point pos_rel_x="-20.0" pos_rel_y="20.0" pos_rel_psi="0" />

                                <point pos_rel_x="-5.0" pos_rel_y="40.0" pos_rel_psi="0" />


                            <vehicle_anim_sequence />







            <pylon rel_x="13.0" rel_y="5.5" rel_psi="0" />

            <pylon rel_x="-13.0" rel_y="0" rel_psi="0" />

            <pylon rel_x="0" rel_y="18.5" rel_psi="0" />

            <chock rel_x="-1.88" rel_y="1.32" rel_psi="0" distance="0.838" />

            <chock rel_x="1.88" rel_y="1.32" rel_psi="0" distance="0.838" />



    <door position="LF1" x="-2.45000005" y="-0.340000004" z="-15.1999998" psi="3.10899997" />


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I found the solution for my problem. The xml filename has to be exactly the same as the acf. Of course inside the xml also.

I asked this because beta testing an existing aircraft new version and wanted the same immersion as with the old version. NDA signed and therefore cannot share more details about the project.

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