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WHAT IS Xup2Date? 

At the moment we're in closed beta phase. If you would like to attend leave a message on Facebook!

Updating your Add ons and mods in X-Plane can be very time consuming and very annoying by downloading, extracting and copying files manually. Here Xup2Date comes in handy! It lets you update your X-Plane Add ons and mods in just a few simple clicks without the need of any manual work. At the moment Xup2Date lets you update your mods from the Xplane Org Forum, Xplane Org Store, Threshold Forum and Google Drive. 

Xup2Date also can backup your X-Plane folder by syncing X-Plane with a backup folder. This means it only copies over files which have changed which makes the backup process very fast if you do it regularly.

Follow us on Facebook and join us on Discord!

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions please report it here.


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