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3 files

  1. SAM - Scenery Animation Manager

    SAM is a native XP11 plugin offering different possibilities to animate sceneries with jetways, hangars, marshaller and more.
    Detailed information can be found in the Threshold Club.


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  2. AFM M20R Smart Co-pilot Config

    SmartCopilot Config File for the AFM OVIII 
    Here is my Smart Copilot Config file for the AFM OVIII  Currently Requires Testing But I think Im pretty Close!!  
    What is Should Synced
    Pilot & Copilot  Every Switch & Circuit breaker Both GN1000 Panels  Annunciation Panel Autopilot  (Please Test this) Xplane Failures Circuit Breakers Popping Pilot Only (Who Has Control) Flight Controls  (if it can alter the Speed and Attitude Directly) Cabin Heating  Alternate Air Sources Static Objects (Pilots Responsibility to remove Covers Etc) Master Fuel Quantity TKS Quantity Engine Fuel Flow Current Time of Day Weather The Basic Setup : 
    The config file is set to refresh the weather every 2 hours NOAA where X-plane gets its weather is only updated every hour at 10 past the hour. Personally I would set the same in Xplane. 
    Both set the aircraft same location (including Gate) Cold and dark cockpit (All Switches off) 
    Master initializes the connection the time of day and weather will be sent as soon as your connected (give it a couple of seconds to update) you should then be good to go!! 
    Just to stop any problems  I would recharge the batteries, refill the oxygen and TKS prior to Connection.
    Again please comment on any bugs you find And Enjoy!!! 


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  3. Flight Factor A320 - Shared Cockpit File [SmartCopilot]

    Shared Cockpit File for the Flight Factor A320 [VERSION 1.1] - Thank you for more than 1.000 Users!!! We appreciate your support!
    IT'S A PLEASURE to release this version and upcoming UPDATES on THRESHOLD!
    Captain Dave is releasing the first SmartCopilit File for the Airbus A320 by FlightFactor...
    It is currently under beta status... almost everything is working now! Nevertheless there are some bugs which can not be fixed until now.
    I will continue my work all the time and you can send me all your bugs!!
    - Almost the whole overhead is working (except APU Fire test, which caused huge fps drops)
    - MCDU are synced well, make sure not to type very fast and press sometime a bit longer. PopUp should work, but try to avoid it.
    - Radios, FCU, Pedestal, Joystick, Rudders, Thrust Levers... and more are working
    You will have to install the A320 Connector plugin from @mokny
    The FFA320 Connector allows to have intern variables of the Aircraft as Dataref! So if you wanna use datarefs, you can also use this plugins.
    However, the plugin from him was taken from the store and cannot longer be downloaded! If you do NOT OWN it, write me a private message or try to conact him.
    Drop the custom.cfg into the FF A320 Connector folder.
    Then paste the smartcopilot.cfg in the Flight Factor Aircraft folder.
    That's it!
    ... thank you so much to your amazing help. The biggest thanks to all of them who helped me with the file.
    Biggest thank to @CaptainLouis - check him out!!
    @mokny - Thanks for the amazing plugin and your help! You are great!
    @Applefan1902 - Thanks for helping me and your great bug reports !
    @Birdy.dma - Amazing work and help! Improvements in the files
    Thanks to @cZollo, @Matthew Christopher, @WR269, @SCollins, @falko06 and more more more!! You are a amazing community!


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