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A319 Evacuation Slides V3.1

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About This File

Hello everyone and thank you for patiently waiting on this amazing addon for the Toliss A319 Update on January 23rd, 2021. I know you have been anxious about getting it as much as I have been getting it out to you. I would like to present to you the second ever Emergency Evacuation Mod in X Plane 11. This file is very simple and self explanatory. To activate the slides you will just need to push the EVAC switch on the overhead panel and the alarm will sound, make sure all your pax doors are set to "auto". These slides do have a UV mapping for night time landings and are beautiful I might add.

If you want the A321 version here it is: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/68422-toliss-a321-evacuation-slides/

To install drag the OBJ and png files to your X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Your folder\ToLissA319_V1p5p2\objects


In the readme on this file it says you need the A321 Neo Mod for this mod to work. That is wrong. This mod works with the Normal A319 package. The A321 Neo mod is for the A321 evacuation slide mod I have. I just didn't change the readme file to say that. This Mod for the A319 works out of pocket with the most recent update for Toliss A319.



This Project would not be complete without the help of 

Mathster from X-Works (Textures)

Airdrigh75 - Toliss Cabin mod

GlidingKiwi- Owner of Toliss (coder and owner of the Airbus Series)

The programming and textures where altered and made to fit the Toliss Airbus model specifically.Model and Textures where actually bought online through a 3D File sharing website called TurboSquid and the author is a great artist called 3d_molier International

YES these actually work with the A319. they're not just static objects that sit there. You can actually fly with the airbus and then if something happens, you can activate them but remember once you activate them you can not put them away you will need to restart your flight. Once the update goes live on January 23rd, 2021 go into your Toliss A319 and navigate to your Java Updater for the aircraft and update the A319 to the newest version. You must update the aircraft in order for this to work if you do not this will not work for you. If you already own the A319 the update is FREE.

To activate the evacuation slides

  • you need to press the emergency evacuation button on the overhead panel above the pilots side of the overhead panel once the button is activated you will hear the evacuation alarm sound (doors should open if set to auto in the toliss panel)
  • MAKE SURE YOUR beacon is on and the engines are powering down during this.

If you're running APU or GPU in cold and dark the doors will not deploy the slides, due to the fact this will disarm them to "manual" and will open to normal door operations.When you land the doors will still be armed until the engines and beacon are turned off, If unless the evacuation switch is pressed then the doors are opened and the slide is released.

Future Updates as I'm aware of the animation process is in the process, but it will take A LOT of time and they "might" get to float on water or even fold out in the future. I'm not really sure but I will make sure to keep you all up to date in the Toliss Discord server https://discord.gg/yW7vak


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had to edit the description.

What's New in Version V3.1   See changelog


Fixed Polygon issue with low FPS being the result. Mod works best now with 60+ FPS frame rate

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says file not found??????

Response from the author:

Oh no please feel free to redownload. I fixed this issue. I just now seen this comment. I fixed the Polygons on the objects so it wont be to FPS heavy. Please try again.

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