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MBL - Boeing 737-800 (Default) - XP11 1.0.0

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MBL livery for the Boeing 737-800 (Default) XP11. Have fun!

This livery is to celebrate my goal about 5.000 likes on my FB's page...thanks a lot my pilots, I'm proud of this community! Thanks, thanks a lot!
Next step...10.000? Who know 
Iif you noticed American Airlines's logo on your fuselage, even if you choose a different livery that is not American, you have to change the normal map (NML) that you have inside your objects folder. I suggest you to create inside the liveries folder, a folder for the American Airlines's livery and put inside all the files that the American livery uses:







Now, you can select this file 738fuselage_NML.png from Qantas or KLM livery and overwrite it. Once you have done this step, you will not have that annoying American logo on the fuselage.

N.B.: If you do this step while you are already in flight, it will not work. To see the fuselage without the American logo, you will need to reload the aircraft.


To create an icon for each livery, you have to follow these steps: 
Load the aircraft in X-Plane,  then go to the flight configuration menu, where you can change aircraft, weather or airport, click "customise" and click again on the button "Regenerate icons".

Is not possible to create an icon for just a livery, so every time, X-Plane will create all the liveries' icon for that aircraft.
For many other liveries you can see here:

Facebook page:
Instagram page:
If you like my liveries, why not a donation? Donate it's optional, you can feel free to do it or not, but if you do it, is greatly appreciated.

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