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Flightfactor A320 | Condor (Retro) | D-AICA 1.2

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About This File

Delta_Who Liveries | Flightfactor A320 - Condor Retro v1.2 | D-AICA

To Install
1. Simply place the folder "Delta Liveries - Condor Retro" into the liveries folder of your Flightfactor A320 Liveries folder 
2. That's it...easy right?

Version Notes
+ This livery is wingtip fences only. No winglets!


+ Updated Fuselage to match FlightFactors corrected uv mapping
+ Updated Cabin
+ Added new enhanced engine and wing texture and colouring
+ Updated Cockpit Textures
+ New Normals, fixing the external cockpit window area
+ Added registration code

+ New Normals
+ Now using .dds textures, should be more performant
+ New window texture

Creative rights go to Delta_Who. Logos and branding are associated with their respective copyright holders.

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So i can say that this is defenetly one of my favourite liveries for ff a320. But there is just one thing i would highly appreciate, if you would change it. I noticed that the condor logo on the right side of the planes nose is the wrong way around. But beside that it's a wonderful livery and eespacially the cabin redesign is wonderfull!!!!!

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