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[fixed, v1.2] librain for Rotate MD-11 1.2

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About This File

 librain.plugin for Rotate MD11



Update: v1.2

- a light fix of the mask. Now the 3D pilots would be show in the correct way with librain


Compatible With:

Rotate MD-11 v1.02




This pack add the rain and wipers effects to Rotate MD11.

For temporary using. This pack is aim to show rain effects when play this aircraft on XP11 so far.

As Rotate said, XP12 will have an integrated rain effect so they will implement it after XP12 is released. After XP12 released this pack will become meaningless. Let wait for XP12!

This pack using SASLv3 for running librain.plugin then using Lua scripts for effects setting. 

The effects I set are not really accurate and nice looking, so if you think you can make it better, just feel free to change the scripts by yourself. Something I learn for developing this pack will be listed below and these can help you to make a better one.



1.Testing on XP11.50 (OpenGL), the latest version of librain does not support for Vulkan

2.Using the original models as masks, it technically means using this pack will influence the performance, but it doesn't happen(or just a slightly influence likes nothing) during testing by myself


Known Issue:

(fixed in v1.1) the rain effects of cockpit windows would still show when they are opened. unable to fix 



1.get the latest librain.plugin from https://github.com/skiselkov/librain/releases, unzip [librain.plugin] into [the aircraft folder/plugins]

2.unzip [objects] and [plugins] folder in this pack into [the aircraft folder]

3.make sure you running the XP11 on OpenGL

*Update to 1.2:
do the step [2] again and overwrite



*I am very sorry that it's hard for me to help everyone to solve problems.

I am here for giving you a checklist that bases on how this pack work. If you have done this checklist but the pack still don't work, it means my build here is unusable and need a fix, so just tell me.



0. The Copy of Rotate MD-11 is intact (this is the base of checklist, if you can not sure of that, just reinstall the aircraft and do a fresh install following the Install Step above)

After an install/update of this pack:

1. In the aircraft folder/objects, there is a folder called:

-librain, and there are 4 *.obj files inside (the model resources of this pack)

2. In the aircraft folder/plugins, there are 3 folder:

-librain.plugin (the base plugin of this pack)

-MD-11-core (the core of Rotate MD-11, this aircraft need it to work, but I do nothing change in here, so don't touch it! )

-SASL_librain_MD11 (the scripts resources of this pack, this is the driver of this pack)

3. In the aircraft folder/plugins/SASL_librain_MD11/data/modules:

- the script main.lua is in [this folder] (the function entrance of this plugin)

-the script librain.lua is in [Custom Module] folder (the function of setting the librain works)

-the script configuration.ini is in [configuration] folder (the configuration for SASLv3 that drives this pack work) 

4. run your X-Plane 11 on OpenGL (librain is not support for Vulkan)

(and testing this pack in the rain😉)


so if you finish the checklist but this pack still not work, tell me.



Requirement&Reference (Huge Thanks to all) :

Rotate MD11: https://store.x-plane.org/Rotate-MD-11_p_1580.html

SASLv3: https://1-sim.com/

librain: https://github.com/skiselkov/librain

SASL developing guide: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/186573-your-first-sasl-plugin-configuring-librain-plugin-for-dr401/


Thanks to:

toadlife@x-plane.org for the fixing advice





Edited by sleepymike

What's New in Version 1.2


- a light fix of the mask. Now the 3D pilots would be show in the correct way with librain

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