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SAM Suite constantly loses activation for World Jetways, Airport Vehicles and Follow Me


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I am using SAM Suite (version 1.4.1) on a Windows 10 machine with X-Plane 11.51 (installed via Steam). I have also bought licenses to the three commercial addons distributed via SAM Suite (World Jetways, Airport Vehicles, Follow Me). The problem is, shortly after I install the addons and activate them, they lose activation (reported as "Unlicensed" in the SAM Suite and not working in the simulator). The addons work fine immediately after I reinstall and reactivate them, but fast forward some days and some reboots and it's all over again.

I would like some help in resolving this. The email I used for all three licenses is intelfx@intelfx.name — I presume someone could take a look into the activation server and find out what exactly changes between activation attempts.

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On 1/27/2021 at 5:53 PM, Marten@Stairport said:

Thanks. After a few weeks, this appears to have worked.
What exactly does this setting do? Do I have a somehow broken setup if it needs this tweak to work correctly?

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