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Spirit Airlines current livery for the Flight Factor A320. Livery requires the Matavia Mod for Sharklets as well as Carda Jowol's IAE V2500 engine mod. Livery is not compatible with default CFM56 engines nor the AttitudeDude IAEs included in the Matavia Mod.

Special thanks and credit to Gerald (19adam99) and Delta Who for their improved based textures.

Rather than complicate the progress and have an excessively large download, I've provided separate downloads. N655NK is the standard "scratched" livery with "Home Of The Bare Fare" text. N626NK is the current, revised, livery with a refined logo and "Spirit.com" text. N619NK is a mismatch between the "scratched" livery and "Spirit.com" text. 

NOTE: FlightFactor uses mirrored textures for mulitple things (wings, cabin, etc). Because of this, some textures and text will appear backwards. This is a limitation of the model. I cannot remedy this.

If you like my work, feel free to donate! It isn't necessary, but helps a ton!



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What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Minor fixes and improvements

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AMAZING work. Liveries pair perfectly with the FFA320. One thing though. Could you possible make the "skittles" spirit livery? Compatable with the carda IAES and sharklets of course. Would be great!


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Jviation, Thank you! Big Fan of your work! One issue with this livery pack. Could you please change the wing to blank where the wingtip fences are? Both the sharklets and wingtip fences are showing up in the current configuation. I was able to find a blank wing texture to fix this issue. Thanks again!

Response from the author:

Thanks for the review! That's actually not necessarily. It's important to install the matavia and carda engine mod in the correct order (I myself did it incorrectly a few times) and it doesn't matter if there is a wingtip fence texture or not. If the matavia sharklet mod has been installed correctly, than there should be no conflicts (as seen in the screenshots I took for this livery). Hope this helps!

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