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XMidiCtrl - A MIDI Controller Plugin for X-Plane 0.62

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About This File

About this plugin
You have a MIDI Controller at home with lots of buttons and knobs? Why not use it with your favourite aircraft to control the autopilot and many other functions! XMidiCtrl is a plugin for X-Plane 11, which allows you to connect MIDI controllers to X-Plane commands and datarefs without the need of additional software.

The plugin was developed for X-Plane 11.50+ and supports Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS.

The following devices are officially supported:

  • Behringer X Touch Mini

Other MIDI devices should work, as long as they send MIDI Control Change (CC) messages.

XMidiCtrl is open source: GitHub page



  • Create different profiles for your aircrafts
  • Bind knobs and buttons of your controller to X-Plane Commands and DataRefs
  • Simulate push and pull functions for buttons (normal button press = push, long botton press = pull)
  • Send MIDI messages to the MIDI device to illuminate buttons when certain modes are active (e.g. autopilot, heading mode, ...)
  • Developed in C++ with no performance impact in your simulator


If you like XMidiCtrl and want to support its further development then you can donate.


Extract the ZIP file and move its entire XMidiCtrl folder into your ..\X-Plane\Resources\plugins directory.


Detailed documentation of the plugin and all mapping options can be found here.


When a new aircraft is loaded, the plugin will search in the aircraft directory for a file called XMidiCtrl.toml. The profile uses the TOML language and holds information about the MIDI devices to be used and the mappings of the encoders and buttons. Further information about the TOML syntax can be found here. The configuration of XMidiCtrl might be a bit intimidating at the beginning, but it is quite straight forward. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you run into problems.


I have included the following examples as well as overlays to print out in the examples folder:

  • ToLiss A321
  • Hot Start TBM 900
  • Hot Start Challenger 650
  • IXEG 737-300
  • ZIBO 737-800

Edited by VirtualCPT
Added macOS support

What's New in Version 0.62   See changelog


Fixes and new features:

  • Sliders can now be defined with a reversed axis by swapping value_min / value_mix (e.g. value_min = "1", value_max = "0")
  • If the connection to a MIDI device is lost, processing outbound messages will be stopped
  • Added new menu item for official support forum
  • Added support for Mac, many thanks to TwinFan (LiveTraffic) for his help!
  • Adjusted readme file
  • Added support for reading and writing datarefs, use format sim/cockpit/switches[2]
  • Included printable overlay for A321 example
  • Included template for Behringer X-Touch Mini overlay

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