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  2. It has been a busy week due to the holidays, its a priority for this week though, but I can't give any ETA. We may push a plugin-only "hot fix" a few days prior to a general release to get a wider testing base. Make sure to check the discord in the next few days for news of that.
  3. Hi Coop - any news on when the update to fix this problem will be released? Thanks, Jim
  4. Cool. Wonderful plane nonetheless. Thanks for the hard work, and hope to see some of the new things for it soon!
  5. Yes, this is due to the revamped XP oxygen system and how our previous custom system tricked X-Plane into being able to simulate hypoxia. This will be accounted for in the V4 update when we migrate to the new oxygen system.
  6. Hello, I bought the M20 collection about a month ago and have been thoroughly enjoying it. One thing I noticed today on the Ovation II (have not tried to replicate on the III or Acclaim yet) is that when you dial up the O2 system, you lose some power from the engine (approximately 1.5 inHg). It is acting like Alternate Air in a way with the source being a hot source (whereas the Alternate Air lever doesn't appear to do anything noticeable). After looking with some data output windows, I found that the ITT (I know it's naturally aspirated) would spike a few degrees C then return to the approx amount that it originally was. Is this a bug, or is it the way the system is coded? Also, I know IRL when you pull the Alternate Static, you have a momentary rise in the Altimeter and VSI, but the Alt Static lever doesn't appear to be allowing that to happen. Hope these help with squashing any bugs on this bird, and look forward to seeing what comes next for it! Josh
  7. Thanks for the updated news! Looking forward to the fix! The Reality GTN 750 was a major reason for me purchasing it, as I have a RealSimGear gtn 750 bezel and want to increase the number of aircraft I have that use it. Glad it's not something I have to fix on my end!
  8. This was broken in the most recent update, we have a fix almost ready, we just are wrapping a few more bug fixes into it and we will release it.
  9. The Reality GTN 750 does not appear in the Ovation II panel. I can get a popup, but there is no panel integration. I do not have a problem with the other aircraft that use it, just this one. How do I fix this?
  10. That sounds like something is not loading properly. After loading the plane in-sim, can you attach the file "log.txt" that is located in the root of the X-Plane 11 directory?
  11. Hi, first I would like to congratulate you on developing this superb airplane. The Mooney is one of my favourite GA airplane and you have done such a great job with the flight model and the rendering. I have just bought the full suite recently and have been flying the ovation II and III with great pleasure. Couldn't get to start the Acclaim however. I have X-plane 11.40 with fully loaded laptop (Dell XPS latest generation) and the Garmin 1000 just wouldn't start on the Acclaim, even after I switch the Master on. I have been looking for an Avionics switch that I thought could be the answer but couldn't find one. If I try to start it with the engine running, it just would load at all and sometimes crashes X-Plane. thanks for your help Cyril
  12. It sure should, but I notice that isn't working. Bug logged.
  13. Is the HSI suppose to display a To-From arrow?
  14. It is being put out in various steps, as we add the various things. You can be part of the public beta by joining our Discord server where I can add you to the testing group. Details in this blog post: https://afms.im/ByRcCB
  15. When will the final major update be released? Did I miss the official release?
  16. Hi All. Is it just me or is the Dihedral Angle of the the AFM Mooneys wings off? It seems to me that the wings are too flat causing the wingtips to be too close to the ground. Its really noticeable when looking in VR. I would love for a correction to be made! I'd like to use this aircraft to make a home cockpit but the view out of the side windows is not believable at the moment. :( Anyone know if AFM is aware of the issue? Thanks.
  17. Thank you much for the rapid response and your help. This did the trick and problem is solved. Like I said above, I was one of your first subscribers, beta version, and this is the first that I fly the plane since those early days and I must say it's come quite a long way! She flies beautifully and I appreciate the added menu features. Thanks again for the help.
  18. Ah, I see - it is a simple file directory problem. Please move the AFM folder so that the path looks exactly like: X-Plane 11/Aircraft/AFM. Right now the path you have set is X-Plane 11/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/M20 3.0.3/AFM/ Just moving the AFM folder should get you back up and flying! (note this directory dependency is being worked on so in the next version the AFM folder can be anywhere in the Aircraft directory and any subfolders within)
  19. Thank you for the response. Please see attached for log.txt Log.txt
  20. Can you upload the log.txt file that is generated directly in the X-Plane 11 folder after loading the aircraft?
  21. I was one of the earliest subscribers and I recently updated to the latest version, but now when trying to load the M20 XPlane crashes before it loads anything. All other planes in my fleet still work fine. Any advice?
  22. Hi, That's why I can't find it-I always hide the yoke,Thanks Ashley
  23. Hi Ashley, You can find the speed brakes switch located on the left side on the pilot’s yoke. It is a small red button.
  24. Hi, I've just started using the Mooneys and have noticed there is no speed brake switch in any versions. IRL I believe it is supposed to be an on/off switch,the electronic indicator and animations on the wing work OK Ashley
  25. Hi Ashley, I have responded to your support email, hopefully we can get you flying in no time.
  26. This bug is being worked on in the v4 update

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