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This is a stand-alone xVision 2.0 solution that is compatible with X-Plane 11.51 R1 or higher.

NOTE 1: As you can see in the comments section, there have been folks who reported that their sim got too dark. This is is an issue with running this preset in Open GL. At this point, I will point out that THIS PRESET IS ONLY FOR X-PLANE 11 VULKAN. Please, do not contact me for Open GL issues.

NOTE 2: There are now 2 versions available for download: Skypaint_XP_v_404.xvs which is a stand-alone version as all the previous ones and Skypaint_XP_v_404_ReShade.xvs which is the version to be used for those who also want to use ReShade. I have also made version 4.0.3 still available for those who were happy with it and wanted to retain it.

NOTE 3: I am currently working on my own ReShade preset to go along with my solution. Until it is ready and available i recomend Xephyr's great ReShade preset available here


NOTE: A visual installation zip file is included separately in the download section

  1. Save the .xvs file from the downloaded zip file to your xVision 2.0 folder
  2. Open your xVision
  3. Run the "Restore from Backup" function from the side menu
  4. In the pop up window, make sure options "Restore initial Lua scripts to FlyWithLua Plugin" and "Restore initial graphic resources" are checked off
  5. Wait for the "Sim shaders cache cleared" and "Resources restored successfully" messages in the Program Log (bottom of page)
  6. Click on the Open solution button on the side menu and chose Skypaint_XP_vX.X.xvs (which you saved in 1)
  7. Click on the "Apply adjustment and install resources" icon on the side menu
  8. Wait until xVision gives you the "Solution processed successfully. Restart X-Plane for the applied changes to take effect." message in the Program Log (bottom of page)


This solution installs its resources and scripts in exclusive mode. This means that any lua scripts in your X-Plane 11/resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/scripts folder will be disabled. Before enabling any scripts, please make sure they don't conflict with the lua scripts this solution uses. That is, keep any cloud, sky, lights and water lua scripts disabled or delete them altogether.

Although the solution has been tested extensively, it is impossible to be aware of all incompatibilities with other addons for the simple reason that I may not own some of them. Under this heading, I will list all incompatibilities and issues as they come to my attention by users or as I discover them in my own sim:

  • Users of 3jFPS-Wizzard: Skypaint_Tweaks.lua contains dataref "sim/private/controls/clouds/overdraw_control". The same dataref is also used in 3jFPS-Wizard's lua. Please, delete this dataref from SkypaintXP_Tweaks lua.
  • Users of the ASHA script: This solution manipulates shadows (cloud as well as general sim shadows). If you are using the ASHA lua script, you either delete it or delete the shadow dataref sections of this solution's Skypaint_Tweaks.lua

I will stand behind this solution and offer help and support for any issues related to bad or subpar functionality (faulty lua scripts, errors etc.). Please, DO NOT message me or comment on requests to change visuals in this solution. I went to great lengths to ensure that the solution will provide reasonable results for a wide range of systems and situations. As it is always the case with visual enhancements, one person's trash is another person's treasure. Please accept this solution as is and, if it does not meet your preferences, use it as a basis and do your own tweaks as you see fit. I will not respond to any requests for changes regarding the way things look in the sim.

How you use this solution and who you chose to share it with is not my business to say. Feel free to alter, re-use and tweak it to your discretion and liking.

The solution utilizes the following 3-party resources:

My goal is to make this solution work for everyone, so any reviews and/or feedback comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

Happy flying!


Edited by DS1971

What's New in Version 4.0.4


  • New urban and object night lighting
  • Brighter surface overcast ambient lighting
  • More realistic horizon Rayleigh effect (especially during dawn/dusk)
  • Brighter high altitude skycolour textures
  • Added Skypaint XP version for ReShade users
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Great job. Very nice addition. Cannot wait for more updates as time goes on.

Response from the author:

Thank you mate. Please, check this page periodically for updates. There is some room for more tweaking in order to encompass more and more possible situations in the sim.

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· Edited by kelvintran


I wonder to know about  i am using ASHA, do I need to remove "cloud shadows" or general shadows in SkypaintXP lua script? 

Why there is no raining when I use this preset compare with default weather? I also try to remove Xvision application,remove shaders and shadercache, then verify intergrity of game files to return default XP.  i see the rain drops tested with/without ActiveSkyXP. Unfortunately, when I sync this Preset to XP11via Xvision, I can't see rain drops. 

Clouds keep flickering in Sunset

Please help


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· Edited by schmal


This is undeniably the best visual enhancement for XP11 in existence -- and it's not even close.

Don't waste any more time looking for xVision solutions, because this right here is what you want. I promise.

Absolutely phenomenal work.

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Excellent job. A real good package that make the most of xVision 2.0.

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