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Scandinavian Airlines System (1983-1998 c/s) livery pack for FlightFactor 767-200/300ER 1.0.0

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Livery pack containing three of Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS)'s three Boeing 767-383(ER)s and the entire SAS 767-200 fleet, painted in the joint Scandinavian airline's old colors worn by the airline from 1983 towards 1998, where it was replaced by the currently iconic gray fuselage/yellow engines/blue tail scheme. Noticed there was a lack of this livery scheme for the FlightFactor 767-300ER, so I decided to make my own, and in extension, doing it for the 767-200 variant as well.

Note that the registration and the Scandinavian coat of arms may look misaligned on the back, but that's due to the fact that FF767 has elected to have four lavatories on the back of the cabin. The positioning of those decals are actually true to life as the front two lavatories were nonexistent in the real airplanes depicted, thus adding additional seat and window row there.

Installation is simple, simply drag and drop the respective livery packages (e.g. "767 SAS OC (LN-RCL)") into your FlightFactor 767 liveries folder.

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