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WIII Jakarta Soekarno–Hatta Intl w/ New Runway & Updated Layouts 3.0

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NOTE: All orthophotos in the preview images are generated using Ortho4XP using Bing Maps as the source. You can get Ortho4XP here. Also there's no static aircraft in this scenery excluding one in the northwestern ramp, GMF AeroAsia hangars, and western hangars. Otherwise all aircraft depicted on the gates in the screenshots are from Just Flight's Traffic Global XP.

So well, I don't really do sceneries much but this is pretty much one of my first takes on it. In this scenery, I took @ysfsim's WIII scenery upgrade (with their permission of course) for the default Laminar scenery, and upgraded it again to meet current standards, at least to AIRAC 1908 standards, which was recent enough to include the new runway and most if not all new taxiway layouts that can be seen in both Google and Bing maps imagery, and the more recent charts as well. This scenery adds more features to the existing scenery which can be listed down below:


- Addition of the third runway (06/24) with its access taxiways, updated RWY 07L/25R with asphalt shoulders, alongside new East Crossing taxiway lane as well as updated taxiway layout and markings according to the AIRAC 1908 chart standards (courtesy of @denno from his earlier WIII Jakarta New Runway scenery pack), this also includes the new H and J aprons, using both Bing maps imagery and charts from AIRAC 1908 itself as a reference.
Some changes to the T3 Ultimate apron (Apron G) to better match orthophoto imagery. This includes the positions of the apron's access taxiway and ramps R81 through R99.
- Updated airport boundary vertexes to match the aforementioned new layout of the airport.
- Addition of the "Always Flatten" dataref to even out the surfaces of the airport, to minimalize floating objects bug.

- New SAM jetways and docking systems for ALL active gates and ramps, excluding the northwestern ramp and GMF AeroAsia ramps.
- Authorized ALL surfaces with @pyreegue's excellent ALES Developer Library, as well as new custom runways made using said library as well.
- Addition of FAIB Aircraft Library and MisterX library static aircraft to represent the decommissioned aircraft seen between WC2 and NP1, complete with a Wamos Air 747 parked at gate J12 on the new J apron, supposedly representing the Lion Air 747-400 that can be occasionally seen stored there (Garuda also used a Wamos Air 747 as a wet-leased aircraft, so it shouldn't be far off from reality either).
- Removal of NAPS_Library as it is outdated and inaccessible for most people nowadays.
- Exclusion zones to cancel out any unnecessary objects that would interfere with the new layout.



INSTALLATION: Simply drag and drop WIII Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Intl to your Custom Sceneries folder.


To-do list:

- Use Navigraph Charts subscription to update the airport layout again to the most recent standards.
- Complete the taxiway edge lines for the entire airport (I tell you, it's quite of a pain to deal with).
- Addition of custom models of Terminals 1 & 2, Cargo Terminal, GMF AeroAsia hangar, Tower, and much more from @Bluffy Designs-BDs conversion of Budi Santoso's WIII for FS2004/FSX.
- and many more...

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