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Neptune Aviation (Air Tanker Support) - GHD Livery & Set 1.0.0

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About This File

Grab this "Neptune Aviation" ground support livery and GHD set for the Bae 146-200 so you can fly your own missions, refuel, refill, complete safety checks, and get back in the sky for some aerial firefighting.


  • Neptune Air Support Vehicle
  • Neptune Fuel & Fire Retardant Tanker Trucks
  • Neptune GPU
  • Custom set animations and configs for 15 vehicles (Drive Up, Drive Away phases)
  • Drive Away phase moves all vehicles out from behind the plane in the event you want to leave them visible during pushback.
  • I've added more vehicles than needed but vehicles do a good job of lighting the airplane at night and (in concept) could support fast turns of multiple air tankers.
  • Planes likely aren't recharged with fire retardant from trucks but this seems to work well within the limits of X-Plane.
  • BAe 146s are recharged from ports on either side of the plane from the tail section. It takes 15 minutes to refill the tank and teams generally only use on recharge port at a time based on ramp configs.
  • Neptune has actual Air Support Vehicles that travel with the air tankers to provide support and maintenance during deployments.

Technical Notes

  • Requires Ground Handling Deluxe by JARDesigns
  • Neptune.zip contains the vehicle liveries. Put this entire folders inside your GHD "liveries" folders.
  • BAe 146-200.set ensure the right vehicles display and animates them in accordance with the theme. Place this file in your GHD "Sets > Custom" folder.
  • On my system I had trouble getting the custom liveries for the ambulance objects to work. If you have the same issue, I'd recommend temporarily renaming "Ambul.png" to "Default.png" and move it inside the GHD's "Cars > Ambul" folder. Rename the existing Default.png file in the Ambul folder so you can restore it in the future when you don't what the Neptune Air Support Vehicle to display as the ambulance

Learn more about Neptune Aviation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neptune_Aviation

Download the Neptune livery for the BAe 146 (T15) https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/81414-neptune-aviation-t15-n477na-bae-146-by-justflight/


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