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FF A320 – NIKI Air (Old - Silver Fly) OE-LEG 6.0

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About This File

   This is livery of the OE-LEG A320 owned by NIKI Air for the Flight Factor A320. It is intended to mimic the real plane as much as possible, althought the fly may not be completely accurate due to texture mapping and picture sources. If you find any issues don't hesitate to contact me.

  There are 2 version of the same livery. One with slightly modified normal maps (Niki Air (Old - Silver Fly) - Standard NML) and the other one with heavily modified NML special made for this livery. With it I tried to do the matt and reflective finish of the silver parts of the real world counterpart. In certain light condition it looks spot on in others...it looks a little weird. But if you don't like it you can always use the version with standard NML.


  • all logos are made from vectors - they are as sharp as textures allow
  • completely custom leading edge surfaces (wing + stabilizers)
  • custom wing with the correct colour scheme and heavily edited normal maps
  • custom livery appropriate wheel colours
  • approporiate windshield design (either painted or silver)
  • appropriate door highlight shape and "cut here in emergency" signs
  • custom engine textures from Kristoffer Eriksen
  • appropriate nose static port (either round or square)
  • black tyres
  • correct wingtip fence paint shape

    Please note there's no registration on the wing as the wing uses same texture for both wings, so a registration would appear reversed on one side. My custom NML files are based on the ones kindly provided by cessnarox.

This livery is not fully compatible with Matavia mod. It is only compatible with the lighting + cabin modifications. Using the NML that comes with Matavia mod may overide my custom NML (depending on how you install it) which was made specificaly for the edited textures on fuselage and wings and engines (those come from Kristoffer Eriksen). If you decide to use Matavia NML the result may look weird.  

    Move the Niki Air (Old - Silver Fly) folder into the liveries folder of your FF A320.

      If you come across any issues, don't like something in particular, want something changed, added or have a question message me on Xplane Forums or send me an email to  honu.zelvaatseznam.cz and I will usually respond within 3 days. You can also put it down into comments. You can also find me on Facebook in X-Plane's Paint Shop Group(https://www.facebook.com/groups/226859121175151/). If you like my work, which in this case took me more than 20 hours, you can buy me a beer (see details on the forums download page).

If you like my work, which in this case took me more than 25 hours and almost made me go completely insane you can buy me a beer https://www.paypal.me/zenonstarcuk


What's New in Version 6.0   See changelog


2.0 Completely new Experimental normal maps. Version with them is now the "normal one" and the version without them has special description in folder name (see description).

2.1 Small edits to new NMLs. Edited eye/engine color and reflection.

2.2 Added .zip file due to considerable amount of people having issues with extracting .rar. The contents should be the same.

2.3 Added paint to small grill on the engines. Retired .rar

2.4 Made windshield less reflective

2.5 Added painted wings (upper side is now grey)

3.0 Brought all of my liveries on the same level. With this livery it was mostly warning red lines, door contour colour, etc. I also included my update for the wings.

4.0 Updated the livery to work with the newly updated A320 3D model

4.1 Little edits and details added to the fuselage. The leading edge of vertical stabilizer is silver/painted accordingly to the real livery. All normal maps are fully custom and based on cessnarox's. Completely new wings matching the colours/top part "effect" of the real livery and they are without the silver leading edge and the ailerons, spoilers, flaps and leading edges are much less matte than with default normal maps. The custom NML version is back.

5.0 All leading edges have correct shapes (stabilizers + wings), door outlines match the real world counterpart. Redone and edited engine and fuselage normal maps. Added apropriate wheel colour.

6.0 Remade paint shape on wingtip fences. Made entire tyres black.

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