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Airfoillabs King Air 350 Interior Pack 1.0.0

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About This File

It is higly recommended that you get the black panel (it is in the picture but it's not part of the download)


FMC Version


GPS Version


Possbily coming up in the future
    1) Cockpit refurbishments - removal of scratches (mainly on avionics, I fly a 35 year old aeroplane and it doens't look even remotely as beaten up as this)
    2) Clean cabin windows
    3) Ebony wood trim (kinda hard to get a proper texture + annoying to aply it)

    Several colour and decor combinations
    Added leather texture and normal maps to seats
   A) I want just one version of the cockpit + interior
    1) I want it just for one livery - open the folder and place the objects folder into the King Air 350/Liveries/livery
    2) I want it for all liveries - open the folder and place the objects folder into King Air 350/objects

   B) I want more versions of the cockpit
    1) I want them for all liveries - Make a copy of the entire King Air 350 folder and do the step A)2) for each one of them (each time with different cockpit version)
    2) I want them just for some liveries - open the folder and place the objects folder into the King Air 350/Liveries/livery
    3) I want something different (such as 2 version for one livery and another for all the others) - either you know how to do that or ask me as I can't cover all the options


If you come across any issues, don't like something in particular, want something changed, added or want to have different registration write me on forum.x-plane.org, Threshold forum or put it in the comments.

If you like my work, you can buy me a beer https://www.paypal.me/zenonstarcuk

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Downloaded, unzipped and paste it as per instruction, but when I load the KA350, the interior still in beige colour, as if nothing happened. Using GTN 750.

Response from the author:

Which interior are you using and how are you installing it? If possible show me the path in file explorer.

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