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Flight Information sheet 1.2.3

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About This File


this is a flight information sheet I've designed to be used in IFR Flight with the Zibo B738 in mind, but it isn't exclusive for this model. It has most of the quick reference points found in the IFR flight.

I recomend printing in A5 size or in a A4 size with 2 pages per sheet.




ORIG - Origin

  • APT - Origin airport
  • POS - Stand Position

DEST - Destination

  • APT - Destination airport
  • POS - Stand Position

Route - Planned Route

RMK - Remarks

Departure Clearence

  • ATIS INFO - The current ATIS information letter
  • QNH - The current QNH
  • DEP RWY - Departure runway in use designated to you
  • SID - Standart Instrument Departure
  • TRANS - Transition SID waypoint
  • CRZ ALT - Cruise altitude
  • SQUAWK - Assigned SQUAWK number
  • TAXI INST - Taxi intruction

Weight Information

  • Payload - Your actual payload
  • LW - Landing weight
  • Total Fuel - Total Fuel onboard
  • TRIP - Planned Trip fuel
  • RSV - Reserve Fuel


  • ATIS INFO - The current ATIS information letter
  • QNH - The current QNH
  • ARR RWY - Arrival runway in use designated to you
  • STAR - Arrival designated to you by ATC
  • STAR ENTRY - Arrival entry waypoint
  • STAR Limit (ARR ENTRY) - Runway approach entry waypoint. The last waypoint in your STAR procedure and 1st in the APP procedure
  • APP (old ARR) - Runway approach procedure (IAC)
  • TRANS ALT - Transition altitude
  • STAND - Your destination Stand
  • TAXI INST - Taxi intruction

COMMS - Communications

  • FREQ - Radion Frequency
  • STA - Station name

MISC NOTES - Miscellaneous notes

ATIS NOTES - A place to write down your ATIS information


Enjoy your flights!


DISCLAIMER: This in an independent design, in no way, shape or form I am part of the Zibo or AviTab's team

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