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A Bhutan Scenery | VQPR Paro Surroundings

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Welcome to ASIA, the Eastern Himalayas. You are descending into Paro valley. Now you can enjoy your fly-ins a bit more from both sides. Paro Airport VQPR is close by and called to be one of the most dangerous airports on our planet. After your landing you should take a drink and move over in your helicopter or be creative in your VTOL bush plane. In this scenery awaits you over 90 helipads around VQPR. Some with windsocks + blink lights and a few without. Even two more helipads come with two fictional ICAO´s VQ01 (bottom of the scenery: alt 8,918ft) and VQ05 (at the top: alt 13,222ft). A flight between those two helipads takes over 115km (over 71mi). This scenery does not include VQPR airport! No more "talking". Prepare, enjoy your flights & have fun.



Part of this package:

- Paro Customized Images for the hole tile +27+89

- Ready to fly tile zOrtho4XP_+27+089.7z

- VQPR Paro Surroundings BHUTAN

- W2XP Custom Bhutan

- Left hand traffic +27+089 fix

Needed files:

1. VQPR Paro Surroundings BHUTAN

2. W2XP Custom Bhutan
W2XP OSM generated, partly fixed and extended by me, September 2019.

Scenery order - scenery_packs.ini:

Put #1 "VQPR Paro Surroundings BHUTAN" above your VQPR Airport scenery for maximum details.
Place #2 "W2XP Custom Bhutan" under your airports (Correct scenery order).

Hint for the gateway airport: Globalairports must be on top, facades exclussions are active. 

Optional for owners of Orbx TrueEarth GB: Who wants left hand road traffic in this scenery - Bhutan was once a British Empire colony - just copy the roads folder (source: "Orbx_B_GB_South_TrueEarth_Overlay\roads") into the folder "W2XP Custom Bhutan" and overwrite the file for left hand traffic "+27+089.dsf" in "W2XP Custom Bhutan\Earth nav data\+20+080".

Optional for owners of Cami´s VQPR airport payware: WED fixes are recommended.
- Delete the ortho images for better fitting with "Paro Customized Images".
- Delete the network exclusions.
- Close the exclusion gaps over the runway.
Hopefully Cami will realign some mismatches and close the objects gaps in her scenery area (+ adding missing point of interests).

More HQ screenshots.

Needed libraries:

R2 Library

Optional and highly recommended:

1. Part of this package - Paro Customized Images: Ortho4XP Paro Customized Images surroundings-pack created by me, CFG included. All clouds are removed. Use the cfg-file for the correct image placing. Ortho 1.30 master, curvature_tol 0.5, custom ARC 17/18. Do it yourself:


Or ready to fly tile: zOrtho4XP_+27+089.7z


2. Transparent roads with cars


3. Substitute the default XP trees for prettier visuals.


Known issues. Fixes may happen in the future:

- Some ortho images will need fine polishing.
- Roads.net lights are wrong.
- Missing object night textures.
- Missing power lines.
- OSM mismatches.
- Not every real world object is placed.
- The Heli drop-points are sadly bugged in the mountains. Both heli drops will be lightly displaced.   


- For a short flight: VEPY Pakyong Airport, India | Ortho Patch


- ZULS Lhasa Gonggar airport, Tibet

- VNKT Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal


- VNLK Lukla, Nepal


- VQTY Yongphulla Airport, Bhutan

- VQBT Bathpalathang, Bhutan


Real world direct flights in 2019:



All in this scenery used objects are free community objects, which of some are modified by me.

This scenery was built for the use with Ortho4XP. Default XP scenery was not tested.

Real world videos:

Lost in Bhutan

The World's Most Dangerous Approach - Paro, Bhutan

Big up to the community: Thanks a lot to all contributors. Keep it up! 🙂

Enjoy and happy flying @ll!

Harry 😉



Ps: Life is too short. Keep smiling! 🤯

My little contributions:

For newcomers: How to become one with XP 11


Edited by lustigerpopo

What's New in Version 05/25/2021 01:56 PM   See changelog


Ready to fly tile uploaded: zOrtho4XP_+27+089.7z.

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Amazing job! only thing is if you could do the ortho and everything in one download that would be great, now it looks like lazy ortho job

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cant find the Madagascar_lib at all 😞 all the links that i have found say file not found. So i cant right a review on it so to everyone getting this you cant unless you have the Library! 


Response from the author:

Not that hard to find the lib. 😉
Part of the scenery: http://fb-artwork.de/MBA/dwn/MBA_110.zip

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