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ASK21 B21 - NHAdrian upgrade 1.0.6

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About This File


this is my upgrade for the "B21" version of the Laminar ASK21, with the following changes/addons:

  • all instruments have animated real 3D objects
  • real PBR glass objects for the instruments
  • LCD displays got a backlit option
  • interactive, VR compatible Setup sheet for proper weight and balance configuration
  • lot of PBR overhauling on internal and external textures
  • adjusted viewpoints for both VR and normal use
  • pilot on the back seat is added (3D model is from another default Laminar Research plane)
  • AviTab integration with some additional items
  • new spin ballast 3D object that varies with spin ballast weight
  • new red livery based on a real paint
  • new fictional livery created by PWDT
  • each livery set's the proper tailnumber for ATC operation (the content of the Tailnum.txt within livery folders)
  • disabled B21's rudder augmentation
  • a simple user's manual for the original B21 plugin is included, please read carefully to get familiar with new commands, datarefs and functions!


  • simply extract the .zip into your /Aircraft folder and enjoy! 🙂


  • All credits for the default ASK21 and the B21 mod goes to the authors, detailed on B21's download page!!!


  • If you like my work and would like to support my freeware projects, or simply buy a beer, my paypal is nhadrian(a)gmail.com.

Stay tuned and happy landings!

Best regards,


What's New in Version 1.0.6   See changelog



  • new PC-Pilot livery
  • SASL updated to 3.10.2
  • 302 vario TOP number fix

Both MEGA and GOOGLE download link added.


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Great job on the art assets and VR interaction. A few points however.

1) The large vario/speed to fly instrument seems to be reversed. Speed to fly is showing when the dial is pointing to TE and TE is showing when pointing to Speed to fly (STF)

2) The winter vario at the top seems to be also showing TE. The whole point about B21's mod is that it was a NETTO vario. A glider without a NETTO vario is a bit like a chocolate covered wafer without the chocolate. A NETTO vario simply shows how much the air you are moving through is sinking or rising. In still air, it should remain on centre zero line. Nettos not only eliminate stick lift but also compensates for the sink rate of the glider at various speeds ( as determined by the glider's polar curve). THIS IS A BIGGY for real world pilots.

3) I may have missed this, being busy checking other things, but I don't think I heard a "clunk" when I released the cable at the top of the launch.

So - verdict. Close but no cigar. I do hope I can award the cigar soon though because all in all - a great job. 90% there.

EDIT - I just noticed you fixed the 302 vario issue, so I guess you spoke to Nodd. The Netto issue still needs looking at


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Sagne philippe

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J'ai 68 ans et tous les jours je suis ébahit par le travail de certaines personnes, encore aujourd'hui avec cette mise à niveau de la version "B21" du Laminar ASK21, je ne peux dire qu'un grand merci et pour la première fois j'ai put prendre la place de moniteur, et là sur se rencontre de l'émotion que procurer un travail bien fait. 

Google traduction.


J'ai 68 ans et tous les jours je suis étonné par le travail de certaines personnes, même aujourd'hui avec cette mise à jour de la version "B21" de Laminar ASK21, je ne peux que vous dire un grand merci et pour la première fois j'ai pu prendre la place d'instructeur, et là nous rencontrons l'émotion qui vient avec un travail bien fait.

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