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Otto Throttle (A/T for FJS 732 & 722)

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About This File

Tired of manually adjusting your throttle in cruise when all you want to do is make a cup of coffee? Afraid something might go wrong while you´re gone? Don´t worry! Otto is here to take care of you.

Otto Throttle is a basic auto-throttle script that adjusts your thrust based on your selected speed.

Intended to be used in cruise with the FlyJSim 732 & 722.



--> X-Plane 11.xx > 11.50
--> Compiled for Windows, Linux* and macOS*

*Not tested on these OSs.



Place the extracted "Otto Throttle" folder inside your plugins folder:
C:\<PATH TO XP>\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\Otto Throttle



Can be toggled on or off via the plugins menu:
--> Plugins > Otto Throttle > Engage O/T
--> Plugins > Otto Throttle > Disengage O/T


*Also available as a FlyWithLua plugin, see v1.1 and below.

Edited by Ole
v2.0 Going native!

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