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LTFM Istanbul Airport, Turkey - for MSFS 2020 1.0.1a

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About This File

LTFM - Istanbul Airport, Turkey
ver. 0.5.0 v.1.0.0  v1.0.1a


IMPORTANT: Remove previous LTFM scenery folder(s) from your Community folder

except the "tayakadin" imagery and extract the contents of this package (v1) instead.

NEW: Anyone wishing to try the new imagery can download this file


and extract it to their Community folder AFTER removing the "tayakadin" folder.

Here it is, finally! Our second project for MSFS 2020 and this time it is enormous!

This rendition of the scenery is a conversion of our X-Plane 11 (WIP) scenery and we decided that we should
slow down with the X-Plane 11 version and concentrate more on the MSFS 2020 platform as -unfortunately- LTFM
is not included in the simulator even as a default airport. 

Mind you, this is NOT a finished project BY ANY MEANS but we decided to share it as "open beta" so that people
enjoy their flights in and out of Istanbul in MSFS 2020. Everyone should know that we are aware of the missing
features and we will be working on them as the time goes by (and pressure is eased). I am sure most of the simmers
will be satisfied even with this "incomplete" version. We did our best to match all objects  with their modelling
and placements. Obviously there are some duplicate to fill up empty spaces.

Missing features:
1-    Taxiway H and it's connections to RWY 18/36 (there is no proper satellite imagery at the moment so the 
    missing part will be added when images of the airport is renewed by Google or Bing(!)) 

2-  If you have the latest Navigraph Beta, you can use ILS and select all available runways for arrival. If not
    then you cannot (we are limited by the available data).
3-    ATC routes are only set up for Runways 18/36 and 17L/35R and around the main terminal area so don't expect
    AI ATC to direct you to or from the other 3 runways, Cargo aprons, maintenance aprons and taxiways A and B
    including their connections to any of the other 3 runways and aprons.

4-    There are some texture problems here and there that we are aware of and will be working on them.
5-    IRL, the airport is elevated towards the North (Black Sea) but we did not want to alter the terrain with our
    current limited knowledge but it is in our "to do" list for future updates.
6-    Taxi signs for the western part of the airport are missing, (you need to obtain an ADC chart from the internet,
    my search found this web site with all necessary charts: https://www.pilotnav.com/airport/LTFM)

Installation is easy but you first need to download the base imagery files from our Google drive for a better 
immersion. The geotif files that I had used to create this imagery set were downloaded from GO2 using Ortho4XP and
converted to MSFS format using various other freeware tools. After downloading the zip file, extract the contained
"argaeus-tayakadin-ltfm-istanbul" folder to your Community folder like any other add-on for MSFS 2020. The file is
just under of 1 GB in size (zipped) and here is the link to it: 


Without these files your scenery will be placed on a 6 yr old forest imagery.

Obviously you need to extract the actual scenery folder (argaeus-ltfm-istanbul) that you downloaded from this site and
place it to your Community folder and start your simulator.


    This scenery is NOT to be used in ANY type of COMMERCIAL simulators and the only way

for this to happen is to obtain our written consent after making a minimum donation of

€2000 (Euro Twothousand %00 or equivalent in local currency) to : LOSEV Leukemia Foundation

for Children. https://www.losev.org.tr/v6/

    For those who intend to use this scenery in their personal computers for their personal joy,

it is free of charge but they can also make ANY amount of donation they wish to make to the same

foundation mentioned above. Based on the information in the website, all credit cards with

3D secure payment can be used.

We do not need money for a coffee or for a pint of beer but the charity needs it to treat those kids.

Special thanks to Kamil UZUN (MXI) and Muhteşem Fırtına ÖZÇINAR for letting us use their 3D Models in this joint project.

Enjoy your flights in and out of Istanbul.

M. Ali Oguducu / Hayri Buberci

Edited by Argaeus
Revised installation instructions. Added instructions for new aerial images.

What's New in Version 1.0.1a   See changelog


***** SU5 ****

Re-built the scenery after changing conflicting texture names which caused the 3D models appear awkward after SU5.

Anyone having problems with the previous version should download this one (from the google drive) and extract the content folder to the Community folder AFTER removing the previous scenery.



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Payware quality work!!! Thank you for your hard work on this!!!

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