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    Absolutely fantastic HD cockpit mod. The colour is not overdone and relatively accurate. Much cleaner than default.
  1. What is the point of turning triple buffering off when it specifically states it improves performance when Vsync is on (which it is as on adaptive as long as the performance doesn't fall off and is allowed to tear). Further, if you have a monitor that isn't 60hz which most people do by now, using Vsync adaptive appears to make no sense at all, as it will always be in a state of OFF because XP11 will never render at 120~144hz.
  2. Are you keeping your A320u purposely un-updated or does your Matavia setup work with the newest 1.1.16? Because a good number of people are reporting Matavia needs an update, and in my tests, it does not work with the latest updates.
  3. I downloaded and looked through the objects myself. It does support the Neo engines, but it doesn't support the custom IAE's which is slightly disappointing.
  4. Do these support the cardojowol engine mods?
  5. Yea, it appears not to work with version 1.1.16 either @Aviacraft
    Really nice work once again. One of the let downs of this product was the mediocre quality of liveries. This one looks nice and sharp!
  6. It says you did not install the ortho for it correctly, or you have a conflict. It is better to use xOrganizer to keep track of XP11 addons than trying to go through your .ini yourself.
  7. So...ummm....where do you get the Payware? I can't find it on the typical stores.
  8. It would be good to have a short write-up as to how any of these planes are different than the other, if they're unique, and not just the same livery with a different ICAO code.
  9. Looks like this is going to need an update for Zibo 3.44
    Very good mod for the 737. Also works fine with the 737-900ER Ultimate. My only criticism/advice is that there are some folders which don't have a full comparison set of pics, and it would be good to explain which ones are standard on newer or older model planes as it would save the user a lot of time looking up sources and reference pics.
    A nice, clean livery. The nose-cone and Racoon eyes are unfortunately wrong/incorrect (739 v3.37.17 // Livery v1.5) Pic included
  10. Do you know if that's planned? Up till now it seemed like vapour-ware to me. Most livery makes simply make serrated engine mods for them.
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