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  1. Out of curiosity, I'm guessing this does not change the plane's performance, just the visuals?
    Very good mod for the 737. Also works fine with the 737-900ER Ultimate. My only criticism/advice is that there are some folders which don't have a full comparison set of pics, and it would be good to explain which ones are standard on newer or older model planes as it would save the user a lot of time looking up sources and reference pics.
    A nice, clean livery. The nose-cone and Racoon eyes are unfortunately wrong/incorrect (739 v3.37.17 // Livery v1.5) Pic included
  2. Do you know if that's planned? Up till now it seemed like vapour-ware to me. Most livery makes simply make serrated engine mods for them.
  3. You're the bees knees. PS. I noticed the Zibo 737 has literally no good Air Canada liveries. Both the ones currently available have either not been updated for new models, or have serious visual errors/low quality. Would love it if you could do an Air Canada (new) for the 737 sometime!
  4. Ultimate 737-900ER v3.37.5 X-Plane 11.36 Windows 10 Whilst programming the FMC for a flight from CYOW to CYYG, the FMC reliably (reproduced about 3-4 times) freezes and is rendered unusable if the final waypoint in the flight plan (YYG) was the same as the approach via (YYG-ILS03). Choosing a different APPR VIA caused no issues. Removing the final waypoint (YYG) caused no issues. Turning the plane's battery off, and reengaging cures the issue by resetting the FMC.
  5. So I checked out the weights of the aircraft and not only can I exceed the maximum payload weight, but the ZFW and TOW are wrong by a significant amount. It looks like they are the same as the -800 variant. Just a head's up.
  6. With some slight modifications, you could make some retro Warbird liveries that'd be awfully fun for the TBM with this bare-metal template.
  7. I love the mod, but it causes a reproducible and guaranteed hard crash to desktop, at least on v0.9.5.
  8. Aren't they literally the same? I tried just renaming them but it didn't work so I'm assuming it's not quite that simple. The new font looks way better on the MCP!
  9. Unsure what this means. Do you mean both the 900 and 800 will have longer intervals between updates? That would be smart as the 900 is usually left in the dust vs the 800 so there's almost never any point in flying the 900 as within a week, it's obsolete.
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