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Announcements and discussions relating to the OpenSceneryX free scenery library for X-Plane.
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  2. Would anyone like to contribute some 3D items to the OpenSceneryX project? There's a new release nearly ready to go with some nice new features, but could do with some new content too. We are also keen on full library merges, if there are any library owners out there. To find out how to contribute, all the info is here. I hope you are all staying safe and well. Austin G.
  3. Hi all, there is a new release of OpenSceneryX out. The installer application has not changed, so if you still have the installer on your machine, just re-run it and it will update the library to the latest. If you have deleted the installer, grab a copy from the OpenSceneryX website. Here are the changes: Version 4.4.0 28th March 2020 New scenery objects in this version: Incorporated some new items from the SAM Seasons SDK Library by the SAM team into OpenSceneryX, which includes: Spring seasonal variants for all FlyAgi's vegetation. A set of dirt a
  4. There's a minor 4.3.1 bug-fix release of OpenSceneryX out, to fix a couple of broken DDS textures. Just re-run the installer, or if you've deleted the installer, download a new copy from www.opensceneryx.com.
  5. There is a new version of OpenSceneryX out, v4.3.0. Here are the release notes: New scenery objects in this version: Incorporated latest additions from DT Library by Darrell Thompson into OpenSceneryX, including more asphalt ground polygons and a dry grass ground polygon. Incorporated latest updates from FlyAgi's Vegetation Library by FlyAgi, including specific seasonal textures when used with the new seasonal support in Scenery Animation Manager. Modified scenery objects in this version: The spring and winter (no snow) forests were showing with a whi
  6. There is a new version of OpenSceneryX out, v4.2.0. Here are the release notes: New scenery objects in this version: A mobile boarding bridge suitable for regional commuter aircraft. A new set of five seasonal volumetric grass forests, in a variety of heights and colours. Two new forests of volumetric flowers. Modified scenery objects in this version: Incorporated updates from FlyAgi's vegetation library - forests and objects no longer cast shadows because they look ugly on vegetation and also cause a hit on framerate. The deep
  7. We have just released an update to the OpenSceneryX installer, which fixes a couple of bugs that users were experiencing: Text in the main panel is now easier to read when using dark themes on Linux. The installer is now more robust when a network error occurs during file download – the download will be retried which should cope better with problematic and unreliable networks. Get the new release from www.opensceneryx.com
  8. A new version of OpenSceneryX is out. If you already have the latest installer, just re-run it to get the latest updates. If you don't have the installer, download it from the website here. Here is what's new: New scenery objects in this version: Added all flags from Flags of the World by Mr 3D and Chris Noe into OpenSceneryX. Note that the versions included in OpenSceneryX are rotated 90° from the originals, to conform to the standard of being aligned with the wind when placed at 0° (default) rotation. Added all flags from Flags of the USA by Mr 3D and Chris Noe into
  9. A big new release of OpenSceneryX is out - version 4.0.0 with some major new features. You will need the new installer v2.5.0 which can be downloaded from the OpenSceneryX website. New scenery objects in this version: Incorporated DT Library by Darrell Thompson into OpenSceneryX, which includes a large set of markings suitable for small to medium airports. einstein has contributed seasonal variants (autumn and winter without snow) for the original OpenSceneryX tree forests. This enables autumn and winter (without snow) for any sceneries that use originl OpenSceneryX fo
  10. OpenSceneryX 4.0.0b4 is out. You do not need to download a new installer for this version, just re-run your existing one. Beta 4 Changes Realised that many seasonal variants of vegetation objects are identical or nearly identical to each other, so did a full audit and removed all variants that don't have noticeable differences. Reduces the number of objects in the library by over 2000. Beta 3 Changes Modified the integration with Four Seasons plugin to fix snowy winter textures and to implement new 'patchy snow' mode in latest Four Seasons. Beta 2 Changes Impleme
  11. Hi, sorry for the delay.. I'll check and report back.
  12. Heh, for the same reason - such an enormous variety in the use of OpenSceneryX, combined with different plugins and X-Plane configurations, its hard to say what bugs I’m looking for. Some key things: The main one is actually with the static aircraft switched on, because this is the first time OSX injects anything into the core sim. I’m looking for anomalies in placement or type of static aircraft. Secondly is the general display of vegetation in various seasons. I’m really aiming for consistency between your chosen seasonal plug-in and OSX vegetation - if you are seeing autumn elsewh
  13. It could be there is an inconsistency of LODs between forests and individual trees in OpenSceneryX, or an inconsistency between OSX and default X-Plane vegetation, or an inconsistency with another library. Do you know where each set of trees comes from - are they both OpenSceneryX? Send me a link to the airport if you prefer.
  14. Austin, since there are etherogenous test environments, could post a few images of what we should expect to see?
  15. Hi, finally installed v4. Is this LOD behaviour normal? As you can see 2 groups of trees have very different LODs.. I'm testing it with Four Seasons.
  16. Ok, that's good news, thank you for confirming. Closing this issue report now it is resolved.
  17. OK, so I'm getting snowy white trees in winter aand no snow on the trees when terraMax is turned off, so the basic mechanism is working. I'll start testing changing seasons.. Great job Aussi..
  18. Just tested in OverlayEditor, and all seems to be working as normal. Thank you for the quick fix.
  19. Got some input from the X-Plane team, and it turns out that REGION_ALL doesn't exist after all! So I've built a new release that uses a different mechanism. Just re-run your existing installer, and re-test the new version, including in OverlayEditor.
  20. It's as I thought - OE doesn't understand the REGION_ALL statement in the library. Which is not particularly surprising as it's not documented anywhere and seems to have been implemented and disseminated by rumour and magic. I heard about it via other seasonal packages and the Four Seasons plugin. So, not too sure what to do about this. I am using REGION_ALL consistently with other packages that use it, but because it's not documented, I don't know how it should behave under all circumstances. So it's a little tricky to implement the "correct" behaviour in OE. I'll see whether I can get a
  21. Dang it, my, bad. Could you pleas merge, or just close this one. Sorry.
  22. Trying to track down another issue, I just found that the Version of OE that Aussi did for Mac OS Mojave, no longer shows OpenSceneryX objects or in the Pulldown. And yes Beta V4.0.0 is installed and working in X-plane and WED
  23. Perhaps its simple in theory, but i do believe your onto something.. cool. seasons disabled for now.. Will wait for an update to attack the problem again.. Back to poking and prodding :)..
  24. ok, its hanging on /objects/aircraft/props/regional_commuter/fokker-50/japan_{{airlines/object.obj. Ok, I suppose its to be expected, but OSX works with seasons disabled. Maybe it's bad news, but it could be some type of pointer to the actual issue as well. Theres a fundemental difference between the way seasons are being loaded and the rest of the library being loaded, and we need to adjust whatever is causing the hickup in the seasons. Let me know what youd like me to run and i'll make sure its done..

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