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This is the platform rewrite promised, currently Windows only, but with builds coming for Mac and Linux soon.

A completely free modern cross platform (soon) Electronic Flight Bag with so much more! Under heavy and rapid development over the last 18 months SimToolkitPro has grown into an indispensible flight simming companion. Reducing system load by consolidating tools, having everything within reach during the flight from up to date METAR, to the latest charts, SimToolkitPro is the all-in-one app for flight simulation.

  • Flight planning and dispatching through SimBrief, with flight and route editing
  • Flight Logbook with archiving of OFPs and route data
  • Airport Database
  • Weather Injection for Sims (XP11 only for now)
  • Detailed Landing Reporting with a "replay" feature
  • Local data storage (with cloud backup soon)
  • Streaming overlay that can be fully customised
  • Camera Director to automate cameras for XP11
  • Landing practice tool (XP11 only for now)
  • Live Map with full FIR data support for Vatsim and IVAO ATC
  • Display of network flights for Vatsim, IVAO, PilotEdge and STKP users
  • Taxi overlay for any airport in the world by zooming in on it (updates to your installed scenery too for XP11 again for now)
  • Windows and Linux plugins for XP11, Mac and Linux Client versions coming soon
  • Custom schedule for saving flights for future dispatch
  • Searchable real world routes database (not super updated but will be changing this soon)
  • Charts pullout tab for Navigraph Charts and ChartFox
  • Support for ActiveSky webcompanion
  • Integrated data recorder will record any landing detected when connected to the sim
  • Import for other services, manual import and fshub.io coming soon
  • Fleet manager with custom airframes
  • Airframe manager allowing fully custom airframes to be dispatched through the simbrief api
  • Checklists with import/export for sharing and an always on top popout for showing over the sim
  • Wind calculator with automated lookup of metar for selected runway

SimToolkitPro is in development and currently needs your feedback to make it more accurate and provide more valuable information when reporting. It is being actively developed and has a discord group for support available from within the software. Feedback will be used to improve compatibility with payware aircraft, usability in general, changes to UI and add features people want to see in this free toolset.

For more active developments, please join the following links 

Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/simtoolkitpro
Discord : https://discord.gg/xr6wNq5
Facebook : http://facebook.com/simtoolkitpro
Website: http://simtoolkitpro.co.uk

If you find SimToolkitPro useful and want to contribute towards development and server costs you can do so here - https://www.paypal.me/simtoolkitpro


What's New in Version 0.5.32   See changelog



  • [NEW] Dashboard - Added small summery of active flight to the dashboard
  • [NEW] Airline Database - Added Power Set Virtual to airlines database
  • [UPD] Twitch Bot - !fpl is now !route, added !stkp, !arr, !dep, !ete and !metar commands. Fully custom commands are coming
  • [UPD] Settings - Updated documentation with Twitch bot to reflect new commands
  • [UPD] Settings - Reordered and consolidated for easier use
  • [UPD] Flight Tools - Pull out tools that used to have tabs on the bottom right can now be accessed from the tools menu on the left
  • [UPD] Quick WX - Quick lookup in the footer has been condensed a bit to clean up the UI
  • [UPD] PDR - Added local and sim time storage for taxi start and at stand
  • [UPD] Fleet - Moved and enlarged airline logos in the fleet page
  • [FIX] Live Map - Entering your Vatsim id to filter your flight won't hide you on ATC anymore
  • [FIX] FSUIPC Connector - Fixed culture bug that broke Windows 7 compatability
  • [FIX] PDR - Data recorder now stores current sim time, displayed in the footer
  • [FIX] PDR - Increased X-Plane 11 data polling rate
  • [FIX] Logbook - Further fixes to the logbook wrapping issue, should be the last of them
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fixes for update LIDO format support
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fix searches will now check for a reasonable distance before returning and accepting a result
  • [FIX] Importer - Fixes for importing incomplete date from external sources, will now be flagged if missing or odd data found
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Some fixes for Prepar3D scanning and traversal of configs
  • This is experimental and could cause application crashes. Don't scan when in flight unless you've used it before without issue.
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Added tabs per sim with manual scanning rather than scan before the fleet/airframe window opens
  • [FIX] Dashboard - Altered sizing and animations to stop breaking layout on loading
  • [FIX] Core - Disabled Ctrl + R Shortcut from crashing the app
  • [FIX] Weather Injection - Fixed minor timing issue with X-Plane 11 weather injection


  • [NEW] Discord Rich Presence - Readded Discord Rich Presence, will be enabled by default can be disabled in the settings
  • [NEW] Airframe Sharing - Custom airframes can now be imported and exported (for use with SimBrief). Use the #shared-airframes channel in Discord.
  • [UPD] Live Map - Huge update to supported airspace identifiers
  • [UPD] Live Map - Updated FIR data
  • [UPD] Live Map - High level ATC control now differentiated visually by lighter fill
  • [UPD] Settings - Added Discord Rich Presence controls and updated some styling and readability issues
  • [FIX] Logbook - Fixed wraparound bugs for flights crossing the dateline
  • [FIX] Logbook - Archived OFP formatting and colours updated to match flight summary page
  • [FIX] Logbook - Fixed double scrollbar on logbook list...
  • [FIX] Sim Connection - Recoloured the disconnect button to avoid confusion about connection status
  • [FIX] UI - Fixed typo
  • [FIX] Live Map - Fixed alignment of ATC labels to be more central
  • [FIX] Live Map - STKP Flights will now show names on their popups not "STKP Pilot"


  • [FIX] Network - Network data loading from the API more resilient to failures
  • [FIX] Network - Reduced lookup listeners and increased time for updates slightly for performance
  • [FIX] Settings - X-Plane 11 & Prepar3D settings can be seen without an active connection, not just Prepar3D
  • [FIX] Settings - Fixed very poor text colour choice on X-Plane settings
  • [FIX] Live Map - Aircraft should no longer disappear from the map
  • [FIX] Live Map - Reduced zoom requirement for airports to show
  • [FIX] Live Map - Reduced icon size for aircraft to make differentiating them easier
  • [FIX] WebFMC - Pullout now draw on top so wont be hidden by larger drawers
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Aircraft and Airframe Profile UI overhaul
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Removed surplus notices, and reworded some useless guidance
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Ensured airline code is applied to flight number on SimBrief plans
  • [FIX] Core - Disabled text spellchecking in OFP and other areas
  • [FIX] Menu - Weather module will only be available when sim is connected
  • [FIX] Weather - Fix for X-Plane 11 weather download issue
  • [FIX] Weather - Increased resilience of downloader for weather data
  • [FIX] Weather - Fix for update timer not correctly updating (and jumping to 1 hr)
  • [FIX] X-Plane 11 Plugin - Fixed cursor draw bug on flightloop
  • [UPD] Core - Core Electron updates and package updates


  • [NEW] Airlines - Added Mediflight to airline database
  • [NEW] Airlines - Added Canadian Air to airline database
  • [UPD] Core - Added labeling to the footer simulator connection control buttons
  • [FIX] Real World Schedule - Fixed ETE calculation crash when unable to parse locations
  • [FIX] Core - The close button will now retract all open drawers before showing the dialog (Charts, WebFMC, AS Web Companion)
  • [FIX] Core - Fixed installer animation (for new installs)
  • [FIX] Core - Updated API urls for future compatability
  • [FIX] Dispatcher - Fixed starting a flight with no selected aircraft (broken when fixing the Airframe)
  • [FIX] API - Fixes and changes to hugely improve lookup performance
  • [FIX] PDR - Added disconnect button to a pending XP11 connection
  • [FIX] Live Map - Fixed persistent issue drawing some network data that could cause other drawing instances to hang


  • [FIX] PDR - Fixed Prepar3D connection when initiated from the Flight Summary page
  • [FIX] Dispatcher - Fix for short flight route parsing issue
  • [FIX] Streaming Overlay - Airframe will now display correctly
  • [NEW] Auto Updater - New smooth update system, no more dialogs. Progress of updates will be shown in the header
  • [NEW] Airlines - Added Laudamotion to airline database


  • [FIX] Charts - Fixed Navigraph charts drawer


  • [NEW] Core - New startup process. Sim connection made from dashboard/flight summary not splash screen
  • [NEW] Core - Added sim disconnection button to footer
  • [NEW] Core - Updated to Electron 9
  • [NEW] Charts - Electron 9 update has meant that ChartFox support has been re-enabled
  • [NEW] Flight Logging - Flights will now be recoverable after a crash or restart of STKP (This is early and may be unreliable but its a start point)
  • [UPD] Patchnotes - Highlighting of type to make it easier to scan (made them look pretty!)
  • [UPD] XP11 Plugin - New build to hopefully fix the cursor bug that keeps re-appearing
  • [FIX] Live Map - Fixed display for GULF_FSS ATC Area
  • [FIX] Live Map - Fixed precip overlay bug lookup bug
  • [FIX] PDR - Improved touchdown point calculation for Prepar3D and X-Plane 11
  • [FIX] Prepar3D - Fixed minor altitude bug
  • [FIX] Streaming - Streaming map now supports weather radar overlay
  • [FIX] Real Schedules - Added more indicies to improve lookup speed
  • [FIX] Aircraft - Added type detection for the Toliss A321 (Thanks Midds)


  • [FIX] Startup - Removed some excessive debugging on startup
  • [FIX] Flight System - Completing a flight now updates last location for user
  • [FIX] Dispatcher - Flight number now put in the Flight number box, not the callsign box
  • [FIX] Core - Fixed notification popup colouring
  • [FIX] Core - Replace some excessive confirmation dialogs with popups
  • [FIX] Core - Altered placeholder visiblity to not look like pre-filled information
  • [FIX] Streaming Outputs - Enhanced checks for missing or bad streaming output files and automated fixing on startup
  • [FIX] Dashboard - New icons for info box (faq, discord, donate, patchnotes)
  • [FIX] Menu - Swapped flight planning and flight summary because it makes more sense that way
  • [FIX] Fleet - Added notice for required fleet information
  • [FIX] Fleet - Fixed stat update race condition that would give incorrect stats occasionally
  • [FIX] PFPX Import - Loading a PFPX briefing will load it as the active flight plan automatically on the summary page
  • [FIX] PFPX Import - Better support for parsing Cruise data from LIDO format
  • [NEW] Dispatcher - Better flight number support (Selecting aircraft will set appropriate IATA code where available)
  • [NEW] Dashboard - New user card, will show some stats and last landed ICAO, will be used in a future update
  • [NEW] Scheduler - New Repeated/Not-Repeated flight system and integration with Flight tracking system to show "in progress" flights. One time flights removed when completed
  • [NEW] Linux Plugin - Use manual installation to copy over the folder (no automatic install as yet). Requires qt5-default (maybe others) installed, if the plugin fails to load please supply the X-plane Log.txt from the Linux install.


  • [FIX] Core - Update to Electron 8
  • [FIX] Core - Update to table rendering broken in 0.5.22


  • [FIX] Logbook - Fixed paging past page 2
  • [FIX] XP11 Plugin - Performance improvements
  • [FIX] Quick WX - Updated error to be more useful
  • [FIX] Wind Calculator - New error if unable to retrieve metar information
  • [FIX] PFPX Import - Improve LIDO support and added support for a couple more OFP formats
  • [FIX] Active Sky Pullout - Page updated on each toggle to fix startup order issues or black screen if STKP started before AS(XP/P4/16)
  • [FIX] Active Sky Pullout - Width increased for pullout
  • [FIX] Core - Electron version update to try and fix some startup issues
  • [FIX] Core - Significant package update for modules
  • [FIX] Summary Page - Fixed cache lookup for llz data to reduce database hits and improve speed
  • [FIX] Settings - Added option to use larger buttons for pullout drawers after last update made them a bit smaller


  • [NEW] ASXP Web Companion - Added configurable popout for ASXP web companion (Should function with other Active Sky products)
  • [NEW] PFPX Briefing Import - Added import button to flight planning page to create a flight from a PFPX briefing package
  • [NEW] Logbook - Entires are now paged for usability (no more long scrolling)
  • [NEW] Logbook - Reduced line weight for route map to show higher route counts better
  • [FIX] Addons - Fixed popout drawer buttons for consistency and style
  • [FIX] Importer - Fixed issue with PF importer that cause an infinite loading window
  • [FIX] Schedule - Fixed dispatch counter not incrementing
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fixed issue determining STARs for parallel runways in edge cases
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - New X-Plane 11 search code to support multiple acf files in a directory (should fix some other issues too)
  • [FIX] Core - Global manager fix for incorrect ICAO access
  • [FIX] ATIS - Fixed some "undefined" issues and updated some of the code for this. It will be replaced by a superior system eventually but at least its not functional again
  • [FIX] Prepar3D Connector - Moved some code to address connection issues and to hopefully increase the connection stability for Prepar3D
  • [FIX] PDR - Switched gear contact detection to AGL detection to try and improve landing rate accuracy. If this works and improves it I will add functionality to update old landing reports retroactively


  • [FIX] Core - Removed some surplus notices
  • [FIX] Core - Update to better use the new web API
  • [FIX] Server - API Version 2 changes for online count and flight data (more accurate)
  • [FIX] Streaming - Added all overlay outputs to text outputs (Callsign, Network, Reg, Airframe, Dep, Dest, Route)
  • [FIX] Custom WX - If no METAR.rwx file exists (never selected real weather in XP11) it will now be created instead of erroring
  • [FIX] WebFMC - Fixed button spacing
  • [FIX] Logbook - Will now only load .log files
  • [FIX] Logbook - Better handling of bad data loading
  • [FIX] Dispatcher - Added option for single alternate
  • [FIX] Dispatcher - Added option for avoided alternate list (Space seperated list)
  • [FIX] Flight Summary - Added Estimated ZFW and Ramp weights from OFP to quick view
  • [FIX] Airline Database - Fixed Aerologic ICAO


  • [FIX] Airline Database - Updated/Added 3 Airlines ROU,ENT,SXD
  • [FIX] Importer - Allow hiding with module enable/disable in settings
  • [FIX] Importer - Import button now updates with selected import count rather than total found
  • [FIX] Flight Summary - Fixed issue when encoutnering bad/missing localizer information
  • [FIX] Fleet - Fixed display issue for flight hours (0:00 for imported flights)
  • [FIX] Fleet - Fixed incorrect display of flight time for aircraft log
  • [FIX] Live Map - Added flight ETE to the current flight summary button
  • [FIX] Checklist - Fixed always on top issue from core upgrade
  • [FIX] Checklist - Added refresh list button to UI


  • [FIX] Importer - New module - Only ProjectFly importing at the moment - Requires data export obtained from ProjectFly
  • [FIX] Logbook - Improved loading times
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Fixed issues when creating some airframes with missing data
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Fixed issues with "locked" fields
  • [FIX] Dispatcher - Added FSCloud option
  • [FIX] Real Schedules - Fix for airports with missing data when calculating ETEs
  • [FIX] FSUIPC Server - Updated to fix pause issue
  • [FIX] API Server - Fixed some notices and improved code along with hardware update


  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fixed airway parsing issue
  • [FIX] Dispatcher - Added custom cruise altitude to dispatcher
  • [FIX] Dispatcher - Updates for simpler dispatch
  • [FIX] Dispatcher - Fixes for dispatching from real routes and schedule
  • [FIX] Logbook - Removed airborne time swap due to inconsistencies in calculation (still visible in log)
  • [FIX] Fleet - Airframe time now calculated using new method
  • [FIX] Live Map - Taxi routing cleared when sim connection dropped
  • [FIX] Dashboard - Enabled access to landing reports menu for Prepar3D users
  • [FIX] PDR - X-Plane 11 connection manager won't reset the connection if there is an active flight and data drops (duplicate flight entries bug)


  • [FIX] Flight Summary - Fixed PFPX import for OFP (Encoding type fix)
  • [FIX] Airport DB - Fixed load issue
  • [FIX] Live Map - Altered wording for rain display version
  • [FIX] XP11 Plugin - Version reverted to fix compatability issues


  • [UPD] Streaming - Added flight phase data output
  • [FIX] PDR - Fixed incorrect runway guessing on report generation
  • [FIX] FSUIPC Server - Update to code to try and fix pause state issue
  • [FIX] XP11 Plugin - Code changes and optimisations
  • [FIX] Live Map - Updated colours to NEXRAD III for rain overlay
  • [FIX] Live Map - Reduced zoom level required for stand label display
  • [FIX] Flight Summary - Added Density Alt and ISA Deviation values for departure and arrival airports
  • [FIX] Flight Summary - Fixed save issue for scratchpad and OFP loading
  • [FIX] Flight Summary - Fixed encoding limitation for loading custom OFPs
  • [FIX] Online Map - Now sends ATC callsign instead of flight number
  • [FIX] Settings - Added twitch command list to settings page
  • [FIX] Overlay - Added Network, Reg and Aircraft type options
  • [FIX] Overlay - Added transparency slider
  • [FIX] Overlay - Empty or null values hide themselves
  • [FIX] Overlay - Reduced element spacing to improce space usage
  • [FIX] Overlay - Fixed -0/0 flicker bug on VSPD readout
  • [FIX] Overlay Map - Added full set of map types for selection no longer just satellite or not
  • [FIX] Airport DB - Added transition altitude/level display
  • [FIX] Schedule - All schedule and booking dispatches now forward through the main dispatch system
  • [FIX] Airframes - Added airframe editor
  • [FIX] Airline Icons - Added some new ones


  • [FIX] Schedules - Fixed instant dispatch for custom airframes
  • [FIX] Schedules - Added airframe type to aircraft field on schedule table
  • [FIX] Live Map - New options popup with colour pickers for easier theming
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Added border indicator for valid values in the add airframe popup
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Added IVAO prefile options
  • [FIX] Flight Summary - Changes/Amendments to the OFP will be saved unless flight is updated or changed


  • [FIX] Airframes - Enabled custom airframes for simBrief dispatching
  • [FIX] Real Schedules - Added paging to results
  • [FIX] Real Schedules - Added distance cache to speed things up
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fixed bug present when not dispatching through simBrief thats prevents starting a flight
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Added callsign box on planner
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Routes now passed in uppercase to flight system


  • [FIX] Installer Change - Back on the squirrel based installer after persistant update issues on NSIS, all user data will be intact.


  • [FIX] FSUIPC Server - Intermediary server update to understand locales (Step flight track and offset position on map)
  • [FIX] Schedules - ETE sorting now works for Scheduled and Real Flights
  • [FIX] Real Schedules - Exact searching instead of partial for big speed improvement
  • [FIX] Real Schedules - Fixed airline lookup issue for missing airlines
  • [FIX] Dispatching - Added custom route when dispatching with simBrief under advanced dispatch
  • [FIX] Dispatching - Added taxi out/taxi in fuel options under advanced dispatch
  • [FIX] Dispatching - Added ATC callsign option
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Added airfcraft now update search results when they are present in the fleet
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Removed "Remove from fleet" button, use the one on the main fleet display window
  • [FIX] Fleet - Fleet filtering and search
  • [FIX] Fleet - Added fleet editor
  • [FIX] Fleet - Stat updates before log opening
  • [FIX] Fleet - Log disabled where aircraft has no flights
  • [FIX] Flight Summary - Removed glideslope rounding back to a precision of 2
  • [FIX] Flight Summary - Fixed ETE/Progress display if streaming tools were not enabled
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fixed issue with STAR parsing when certain critera wasn't met
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fixed issue on plans created through the simBrief site not showing flight number in API call
  • [FIX] Airlines - Added CNS, EJU, EZS
  • [FIX] Live Map - Fixed loading issue for P3D when not connected to the sim
  • [FIX] Live Map - Fixed "Show Me" aircraft icon colour on the map to display as selected
  • [FIX] Live Map - Improved position/data detection to stop displaying aircraft when lat,lon not detected correctly
  • [FIX] PDR - Added update call for nearest before report generation to improve/fix ICAO/RWY pickup on landing
  • [FIX] Streaming Overlay - Added Callsign
  • [FIX] Checklist - Checklists can now be deleted


  • [FIX] Installer - Removed some code that might have been triggering the update check to run the uninstaller


  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Fix for being unable to delete custom added entries


  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Temporarily disabled Prepar3D import for stability of the app. Sorry 😞
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Fixed aircraft removal bug by swapping form registration to object identification
  • [FIX] Installer - Update check changes


  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Altered checks for missing aircraft.cfg files
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Fixed issue with detecting already added fleet vehicles when registration differs from original value


  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - New file system access method
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Fixed case issue for accessing some liveries
  • [FIX] Installer - Added script for cleanup of old registry keys on uninstall/install


  • [FIX] Dashboard - Fixed WX update timer/refresh button disappearance
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - New loop system for loading Prepar3D aircraft


  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - New method of loading aircraft configs to hopefully cure the whitescreen
  • [FIX] Airline DB - Added/Fixed 4 missing airlines (thanks @midds)
  • [FIX] Internal Updater - Changes to check interval for new patches


  • [FIX] Dashboard - Fixed Prepar3D Menu bug when returning to the dashboard
  • [FIX] Airframe DB - Fixed TBM 900 dispatch bug
  • [FIX] Dispatcher - Relaxed restrictions on Aircraft selection
  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Changes to logging and reading of aircraft.cfg files to try and find the solution for the whitescreen bug


  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - [P3D] Attempt to fix an issue with infinite looping on attempting to open some aircraft without liveries. Attempt to fix by way of force exiting loop


  • [FIX] Fleet Manager - Fixed empty registration bug when adding an aircraft with no registration

0.5 New Features

  • [NEW] Checklist - Drag and drop reordering in edit mode
  • [NEW] Checklist - Colour displayed visually in edit mode
  • [NEW] Live Map - Added Terrain map provider
  • [NEW] Prepar3D Support - No longer experimental, will have some missing modules but now properly supported
  • [NEW] Flight Planning - Custom FMS export for the Flight Factor A320 corte.in file with new behaviour

0.5 Updated

  • [UPD] Airline Code - Airline code database updated. Only contains airlines with a valid ICAO code
  • [UPD] Real Routes - New UI and database update
  • [UPD] Charts Tab - Now resizes proportionally to the size of the app window
  • [UPD] Dashboard - Config checker hides when nothing to warn about now
  • [UPD] Fleet - Added PRIVATE airline for non airline aircraft
  • [UPD] Fleet - New fleet UI with Prepar3D support
  • [UPD] Fleet - New UI to add airframes (simBrief custom airframe support coming soon)
  • [UPD] Fleet - New location tracking for aircraft
  • [UPD] Flight System - Completing a flight will update the current location for the active aircraft
  • [UPD] Logbook - Flight logobook overhaul adding search, pop up viewer and faster loading
  • [UPD] Logbook - Added CSV export with headers
  • [UPD] Logbook - Added switch to convert reports between Airborne and Total flight times for logged flights
  • [UPD] Flight Summary - Updated layout and styling so its easier to read
  • [UPD] Flight Summary - Added ETE and flight progress bar
  • [UPD] Schedule - Added ETE for scheduled flights
  • [UPD] Connection Monitor - Added location data and tidied up the page
  • [UPD] Landing Report Viewer - UI updated to match current
  • [UPD] Streaming Overlay - Overlay labels have been shortened for smaller output resolutions
  • [UPD] Streaming Overlay - Added progress bar to the overlay

0.5 Fixes

  • [FIX] Live Map - Increased update speed and performance of related code
  • [FIX] Live Map - Fixed bounds issue so layers are copied between instances
  • [FIX] Live Map - Fixed EURM cascading issue
  • [FIX] Live Map - Fixed runway display issue
  • [FIX] Streaming - Fixed progress output to streaming overlay
  • [FIX] Data Recorder - Better checking and handling of "data-less" connections to X-Plane 11 and auto fixing as required
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fixed "FIX" routing issues
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fixed filtering of waypoints for some US STARs that included the Airport as termination point
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fix for ETE/Distance calculation issues
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Fix for parsing SIDs that dont appear in the navdata (the blank page on flight plan load issue)
  • [FIX] Flight Planner - Dispatcher text input responsiveness hugely improved
  • [FIX] Flight System - Closing STKP with a flight that is not signed off, will auto complete the flight
  • [FIX] Dashboard - Fixed WX system incorrectly displaying in footer for Prepar3D
  • [FIX] Schedule - Query builder improves performance of route system and stops soft lockups
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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Great tool with a fantastic UI! 🙂

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   5 of 6 members found this review helpful 5 / 6 members

Fantastic little addition. UI nicely done. Would recommend.

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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

fantastic app but has failed to connect to my xplane on various occasions please help.

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Yes the program does have potential but when using on my Windows 10 latest build the font is blurry and hard to read until I put my cursor on particular line then it clears up. This makes very annoying to use. I have started a ticket on their website but have not heard anything back. I know the software is 32 bit but that shouldn't matter. I don't of any work around to solve this. Is this just my issue or does anyone else have this same issue? I have the latest Nvidia drivers. I don't have this issue with any other software I run such as Pilot 2 Atc , etc. Any advice?  Thanks.

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Captain Kitten


Absolutely recommended and probably the most versatile and feature rich freeware of its kind! 

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Absolutely brilliant! Has a ton of features, many of which I didn't even realize I wanted.

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This is a lovely software I use to keep my flight records in order. It sometimes fails to recognize a flight, or I forget to start STKP, but no hassle. I can add my missing flights with my flight plans and IVAO tracker. I believe STKP will continue to develop and be an irreplaceable tool for us.

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